Fundación Buena Semilla

We are a non-profit Christian entity of social service that wants to share and give knowledge of the love of God to the people who are most vurneble and most needed of our society like kids and teens in the places of most risk and marginal groups of society were they live.

We are currently working in a central neighborhood called Egipto of Bogotá where a dinning room and school-support center is open to children: Nutrition (breakfast and balanced lunch), counseling and homework management, school reinforcement, Christian moral values ​​workshops, art workshops therapy and music therapy, sports classes and a soccer school for children and adolescents. As well as a program of university scholarships and / or techniques for alumni of our foundation.


By 2027, children, teenagers, youth and residents of Bogotá’s Barrio Egypt will live in harmony free from violence, gangs, drug addiction, delinquency, malnutrition, poverty, domestic mistreatment and abuse; through a social, spiritual and cultural transformation enjoying a culture of coexistence, tolerance, security, honest work and prosperity.


For the year 2027, the Buena Semilla will house: 100 children in the dining room – reinforcement and school counseling center (providing breakfast and lunch), 30 teens and adolescents ex gang members in the music, graphic design and carpentry workshops, will also provide the breakfast and lunch to 20 vulnerable elderly people of the neighborhood, a soccer school for 60 children and adolescents, as well as an art and music workshop.


The FUNDACION BUENA SEMILLA  is an institution that works for the improvement of the quality of life of children, adolescents, youth and marginalized families and at risk, in an integral way involving the areas of nutrition, reinforcement and school readiness, arts, music , sports, football school, emotional and spiritual healing as well as training in arts and crafts for life.


The CASA BUENA SEMILLA is now a place; where 65 students from the Egypt neighborhood of 0, 1, and 2 strata, aged between 5 and 15 years; they arrive daily to receive a lunch, school reinforcement, advice on their work and tasks, teaching in manual arts and Christian moral values ​​workshops, art therapy, musician-therapy, school football in addition to their studies in public school.

This work is done through the cooperation of individuals and entities in the areas of volunteering, and donations in kind or cash.

Contact us mobile @(57) 316 444 9191


Historical review

It was the month of February 1996 when a group of young Christians went to the Egipto neighborhood of Bogota to visit a young man who had suffered an accident that almost killed him, when we arrived there we found a very sad and devastating panorama … a lot of children running in the streets, dirty, almost barefoot, skinny and wandering in the streets, this scene impacted our lives and so we decided to go back and start working in some way to change this reality, since there was also existed a gang were the children will easly end up, as they had done their older brothers, already by several generations. In such a way that we began to go on Saturdays to share with them, have a time of recreation, teaching Christian values ​​and in the end a hot chocolate with bread … which for some was the only meal of the day.

Over time we realized that this aid was insufficient to achieve our vision to improve their quality of life, as some of them began to use drugs, to deserters from school and to enter a criminal life; so we decided since 2002 to open CASA BUENA SEMILLA to serve them in the same context in the areas of nutrition, reinforcement and school counseling, and Christian moral values. Works that until today we continue realizing along with workshops of Music therapy, art-therapy and a School of Soccer. As well as a scholarship program for alumni.